UI Prototyping Tool for Coders

Making UI is now interactive and fun – when the view renders lively as you type in the editor.

Tired of read-eval-print loop while tweaking UI? Hate it when your designer colleague standing behind you and waiting for the change? Say goodbye to those awkward moments with Terrarium, a free and interactive UI prototyping tool designed for coders like you and me.

  • Playgrounds

    Type a line of code and the result appears immediately, making UI is fun again

  • Touch Ready

    Terrarium has been designed with mobile in mind. Not just for mobile, you do it on the mobile, anywhere you want

  • Powered by Qt

    Terrarium is essentially a full featured QtQuick runtime, it's everything you need to start making real world apps

Terrarium is an open source project, find out more details on Github. Please follow @Terrariumapp on Twitter, or grab the media kit. For news and updates, sign up below: